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Edit: Due to tons of interest, they are now available in my on-line store.



I was talking to a clay artist recently about having her make me some clay lightsaber earrings, but we weren't coming up with many ideas to make them very practical. Then I got to thinking... couldn't I just do it with beads? So I waited outside of the bead store until they opened and stocked up on supplies. I found a ton of stuff to make interesting lightsabers out of. Here is my first set:

What do you think?

I am unsure about making them for sale. I guess I will see what people think of them first. Do you think they would sell?

I <3 them.


They're awesome! I bet a lot of Star Wars fans would buy them.
hahahahaa... nerd :) I <3 you!
I think those ROCK. And you could customize the colors, too! You can show your support for your favorite jedi/sith! :D

But I don't wear earrings. And my girlfriend isn't geeky enough to wear those, sadly. :( I don't think any amount of begging or pleading would work on her, either...I've already played out a number of different scenarios in my head, and they all end in failure. :)
I picked up supplies for red, blue, green and purple blades. Also for silver hilts.
I figured you might. :) Nice! R2D2 Approves.
I'm willing to bet she wouldn't know they were lightsabers.

They're very nice if you just look at them as "just earrings".

You could get them for her, and she'd be pleased and confused at how much you like this particualr set of earrings. ;-)

hmm... ;)

How long are they, I wonder...an inch? inch and a half? :)
I would buy them.
PURPLE. There should be purple lightsabers!
Okay, those are awesome and they are a unique enough earring on their own without the star wars connection to probably sell.
Those are amazingly creative :)
i'm not even really into star wars and i would buy them! i think they are cute, lightsaber or not!
Yes! In fact, I'd like to buy a pair for a friend (HUGE Star Wars fan) for the holidays! If you were to sell them, how much would it be???
I am thinking 8 for the earrings, with 1.50 shipping. Presently I have blue, red, green and purple blades. I can definitely do a custom order. :o)
That's great! I have to admit that while I *like* Star Wars I'm not OMGWHEEEEEE! in love with it like a lot of my friends. She would probably like whichever colors Luke and/or Obi's lightsaber is.

Yay! I was just pondering yule gifts for her the other day. Now I need to ponder no longer!
send carrie fischer a pair and get pictures of her wearing them.

you won't be able to keep up with orders if you use it for your ad.
oh MAN. those are kick ass.

I'm frantically thinking of everyone I know who would adore those for Christmas, but they'd all be non-earring-wearing-dudes.

I have a feeling you could make a KILLING doing those on etsy. Especially if boingboing or someone similiar stumbles across them. They've been linking to etsy a lot lately for space invaders quilts and scarves and stuff.
Thanks! And thanks for the plug! You scored me lots of hits. :o)

and ps Happy birthday!
holy cow!!!


I'm not a girl, or an earring wearing kinda guy, but I would totally buy a pair of these for my wife.. she'd look at me funny, and laugh at me, but it would be funny.. and SO COOL!

I'm totally serious.. but then I'm a total Star Wars geek.. Some things can't be helped..

make them in all the different colors for the different sabers, and maybe modify the style a little, (see here) heck.. you might even want to approach ThinkGeek.com about selling them!

Seriously a fantastic idea..
I really need to get my hands on a Mace Windu saber.
Shoot, I don't even like Star Wars that much, but for 9.50 I'd buy a pair.
Why not? Bajoran earings are very popular.
Even if you could get someone in one of the fanfilm geek squads to wear them during a movie or something, you'd be crazy rich.
Wants! Oh, if you ever make them in pink, I will be all over 'em.


They should do well, I think. At least, among Star Wars fans. =D
If those weren't like, 1/35 (assuming those are about 1mm) the size of the holes in my lobes I'd wear 'em...well, at least once. I really need a nerdy g/f to buy these for.
I think they're cute! I'd have put them light down though, but they're very creative and the nerds will likely go ga-ga.
Yeah I debated that. I'll make them both ways perhaps. lol
Those are wicked cool and majorly clever. I bet they would sell REAL well.
awww those are pretty cute!
found you from ClubJade.. I would totally buy them or love a tutorial! :)
What/where is ClubJade?

I listed some of these in my on-line store;

Thanks for stopping by :o)

It's a Star Wars news blog essentially and, with the end of the movies, they also cover other media and nifty doo dads.

I am making my husband buy me a pair for Christmas. How much are they going for?
I have them up for 7.75 now, but that may go up a few cents later. I'm getting some different materials that are a little more pricey.
I'm going to be keeping my eye on these, as they evolve....I've decided I'm going to get a pair for my girlfriend for Christmas, because I think they are just way too cool! :)
My heartiest applause for having come up with this design. :D

It's enough to make me even consider getting my ears pierced, and up until five minutes ago, that was something I'd never have pondered.

Now, have you figured how to do the Darth Maul-style double-bladed version? Or the Darth Tyranus-style hilts that are curved for her pleasure?
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